Pavement Ant Control

In Quebec, where they are very common, pavement ants make their appearance on asphalt driveways, concrete walkways, the edges of in-ground pools, and paved patios during the summer. But inside homes, they can be encountered all year long looking for food. For guaranteed pavement ant extermination, contact the professionals at ExterminaPro.

Detecting the pavement ant

A small ant that’s brownish or blackish in colour, the pavement ant, which lives in colonies, usually builds its nest under paved walkways and in cracks in the asphalt. It can even settle under concrete slabs and in the empty spaces in structures, which makes pavement ant extermination more difficult. Its presence can be identified by the mounds of sand that indicate the entrance to the nest. The concrete ants are attracted by sweet and fatty foods, which constitute the basis of their diet. Outside, they are primarily encountered in June and July, but they can appear in any season inside your home.

Exterminateur fourmis de pavé - Pavement ant exterminator

Preventing pavement ant invasions

To avoid relying on concrete ant extermination, apply these few simple measures to reduce the risk of invasion:

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