Earwig Extermination

This is a very unloved insect due to its physical appearance and the myths about it. No, they don’t attack humans, but the presence of earwigs in your home is still disruptive. The earwig loves organic matter. It consumes dead leaves and plants. It feeds on plants and garden vegetables. You may need to proceed with an earwig extermination if you leave their favourite food at their disposal.

Recognizing and identifying the presence of earwigs

An adult earwig measures 1 to 2 cm in length. It has a body covered with a shiny brown-red shell. It has two long antennae and a pair of claws on its lower abdomen. The earwig prefers dark, cool places. It’s often observed in the evenings and at night because it doesn’t enjoy the daylight. They can be found under stones and leaves, in the cracks of wooden patios, and in garden furniture. Good climbers, earwigs can be found in the house, which they have infiltrated through various gaps. You could need earwig extermination services.

Extermination perce-oreille - Earwig extermination

Preventing earwig invasions & fast earwig extermination

If you’re in the presence of large numbers of earwigs, it’s very likely that you’re offering them a pleasant living environment without knowing it. You’ll probably want an earwig extermination treatment to protect your home! Here are a few methods to implement to avoid finding yourself with an infestation of this insect in your home. It would then be necessary to proceed with professional exterminators.

Safe & reliable earwig extermination

If you notice numerous earwigs in your home, the intervention of a specialist is required. Contact an expert from ExterminaPro, and they will quickly carry out the earwig extermination. Our earwig extermination treatments have proven their effectiveness in the field and are 100% guaranteed. Don’t wait until you find these pests in your pantry or your sheets: act fast & call our team!

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