Flea Extermination

The flea is a small insect with a flat body measuring about 3 mm in length. The flea latches on to a host (animal or human), bites it, and feeds on its blood. The bite causes itching. The problem is that the flea can bite every five minutes and reproduce quickly. If you’re looking for how to get rid of fleas, contact a flea exterminator.

Recognizing and identifying the presence of fleas

The flea measures 1 to 4 mm. It has a flat, dark brown or reddish-brown body. They don’t have wings, but they can jump up to 20 cm vertically and 41 cm horizontally. The flea is usually recognized by the discomfort that it generates in its host, whether it’s a human or a pet: inflammation, itching, irritation, and frequent bites. If you also suffer from an allergy to the saliva of these pests, you’ll develop rashes. In this case, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be wondering how to get rid of fleas! If your pet is infested with fleas, they will scratch and bite themselves compulsively to relieve the itching, to the point of losing their hair. You should call a pro flea exterminator soon to stop the problem!

Exterminateur puce - Flea exterminator

Our flea exterminators will help to prevent the risks

The main inconvenience caused by fleas is undoubtedly the severe itching that accompanies their bites. Act fast and call a flea pro exterminator. And when you know that this biting/sucking insect can pierce the skin of its host to feed as often as every five minutes, there’s no relief! In case of a major infestation, your pet could also suffer from anemia due to this pest sucking their blood. Knowing that they can transmit tapeworms or diseases, it’s a good idea to obtain the intervention of a flea exterminator to eliminate them without too much delay.

24-hour response for a flea exterminator

It’s best not to wait too long before finding out how to get it with a flea exterminator. Because the reproductive cycle of this pest is particularly fast, you could find yourself with a problem that keeps growing. Act fast and rely on the expertise of a flea exterminator to eliminate it that is affecting the well-being of all your family members, including your precious pets.

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