Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish love wet environments. That’s why they are primarily encountered in bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re afraid of these insects that quickly sneak around in your closets or under the baseboards, you should know that a treatment applied in strategic locations by a professional silverfish extermination services can get rid of them.

Recognizing the silverfish

Measuring between 10 and 15 mm at the adult stage, the silverfish has a head with partially developed compound eyes extended by two long antennae. Its abdomen, meanwhile, is covered in scales and ends in 3 “tails” called cerci. As its name suggests, it’s silvery-grey in colour. If the specimen that you encounter has darker speckled points, then you’re probably dealing instead with a firebrat, a related species. Despite its small size, the silverfish is extremely fast and nimble. To find out how to get rid of the silverfish in your home, talk to one of our silverfish extermination specialists. They are familiar with this species and their habits.

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Prevent invasion with silverfish extermination

How do you get rid of silverfish? We can provide you reliable silverfish extermination! As they proliferate optimally in wet environments, you can reduce the risk of infestation by minimizing the ambient humidity level in your home. If these insects invade an apartment building, it’s recommended to treat all the units, since this pest moves around in the empty spaces in the structure or the plumbing or gets in through the electrical outlets by following the path of the wires. The infestation can therefore spread from one dwelling to the next, so a localized treatment wouldn’t be as sustainable.

Silverfish extermination 100%-guaranteed

If the presence of silverfish in your environment is inconveniencing you, an intervention by pest control experts can make all the difference. Contact the ExterminaPro’s silverfish extermination team to learn more about how to get rid of silverfish. With our guarantee, which is unmatched on the market, you have the assurance that existing infestations will be eliminated after our visit. Silverfish extermination results guaranteed!

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