Woodlice Treatments

As soon as it starts to thaw, woodlice can be seen outside and inside homes and businesses. To stamp out an infestation of this little pest that loves wet environments, professional extermination is the most lasting solution. Contact our woodlice treatment specialists to get a fast intervention.

Recognizing the woodlouse

An interesting fact: the woodlouse is a crustacean, not an insect! That explains why it needs moisture to proliferate. Its soft, oval-shaped shell is beige-grey in colour. It can also be recognized by its numerous legs—14 in total—and its antennae. It avoids the light and usually adopts nocturnal habits. To settle, woodlice favour dark, damp places where they find the food that they love in large quantities: decomposing organic matter. Don’t worry, effective and reliable Woodlice treatment exists. If the presence of this pest is bothering you, our pest control experts are ready to carry out eco-friendly woodlice treatment.

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Preventing infestations with woodlice treatment

If you encounter a large number of woodlice inside your home, it’s a safe bet that your outdoor environment has also been invaded. Take the time to apply these few preventive measures before the problem requires an woodlice treatment:

100%-guaranteed results for our woodlice treatments

If these preventive measures haven’t allowed you to avoid woodlice infestations, a professional woodlice treatment may be useful. The expertise of a qualified exterminator remains the best option for getting rid of this unwanted pest! Over the years, our woodlice treatments have proven their effectiveness on the field. That’s why, at ExterminaPro, we guarantee the elimination of any existing infestation after the visit of our woodlice treatment at home. You, therefore, have the assurance of being rid of the invasive species that is bothering you.

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