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Have cockroaches, carpenter ants, bed bugs, or any other pests made their appearance in your home, and you need pest control pro in Montreal? Look no further for whom to call to get help from an experienced exterminator in Montreal. The certified technicians from ExterminaPro travel across the province to act fast and in compliance with the highest industry standards.

The services available in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec

Our Montreal’s pest control professionals have the expertise to identify the best intervention according to your situation and your line of business. Over the years, they’ve developed unparalleled know-how regarding pest control. If you’re unable to get rid of harmful pests, don’t wait to contact a highly qualified exterminator in Montreal. Our wide range of services includes, among others:


Extermination industrielle - Industrial Pest control & Exterminator

A team that has proven itself

For all your pest control needs in Montreal and surroundings, demand advanced expertise. The applicable standards and regulations are numerous and strict: it’s essential to know them inside out and to apply them rigorously. That’s what we do every day at ExterminaPro. In Montreal and elsewhere in the province, our team of exterminators has made it their mission to remain on the lookout for the best practices in the field. Contact us without delay to take advantage of our reassuring support.

Fast and 100%-guaranteed interventions

Need a trusted exterminator who can travel to Montreal and across Quebec? No matter what species is bothering you, we guarantee that we will get rid of it effectively. Our methods instill such confidence in us that all our services are 100% guaranteed. Montreal’s pest control technicians intervene quickly and with the greatest professionalism. Discover the high-quality service that has made our reputation for yourself!

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