Larder Beetle Control

In the larval stage, the larder beetle can cause major damage, since it devours just about everything it finds on its way: meat, skin, leather, grains, etc. That’s why it’s best to contact a larder beetle control expert at the first signs of proliferation to find out how to get rid of them.

Recognizing the larder beetle

The adult larder beetle is a black insect measuring 7 to 9 mm. It can be recognized by the wide, speckled, brownish-grey transversal band that it sports on its wing covers. In nature, the larvae grow in dried-out carrion and bird’s nests. In residential environments, larder beetle larvae are born in furs, dried meat, insect collections, and—quite often—in animal feed. In ideal indoor conditions, this insect can reach maturity in just 40 days and produce five or six generations each year. To find out how to get rid of larder beetles, call our pest control experts.

Comment se débarrasser du dermeste du lard - Larder beetle control

The risks associated with larder beetles

This pest is commonly recognized in Quebec as an insect that seeks out humidity: it’s colloquially called a “moisture bug.” In truth, it primarily seeks to feed on fatty food sources, such as meat and other products of animal origin. This pest attacks food reserves extensively, where it wreaks the most havoc. While it’s harmless to humans, the hair of the larder beetle can cause skin irritations or allergies in some people. Learn more about larder beetle infestations control by asking your questions to a certified exterminator.

The larder beetle control leaders

The qualified control team at ExterminaPro is trained to identify how to effectively get rid of larder beetles according to your situation. Through a rigorous examination of your home or business, our extermination experts can find the places where populations of this pest have taken up residence, including the locations that are harder to access. Our  treatments are completely guaranteed! Contact us for a larder beetle control!

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