Pest & Insect Identification

It’s more common than you think to be invaded by pests, insects, rodents, or wild animals. When the reproduction and development conditions are optimal, these pests proliferate quickly and in large numbers, which causes all the inconveniences of an infestation. While some of these organisms are essential to the ecosystem in natural environments, their presence in agricultural, residential, or commercial environments can quickly turn into a nuisance. The intervention of a pest control professional makes all the difference when it comes to insect identification!

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Numerous harmful species

Quebec’s temperate climate is conducive to the proliferation of a wide range of insects and rodents. While it can be hard to identify bugs outside, when they find shelter inside once the colder conditions return, their presence becomes disruptive. To be able to offer you the optimal treatment, our team of specialists identifies the invasive species and observes the movement of the populations. That’s what makes our interventions highly effective!

Learn more about some of the most common pests in our area:

Safe and professional interventions

Whatever species of bugs or rodent is bothering you, the safety of your environment is certainly a priority. This is also the main concern of our team at ExterminaPro. All the treatments we offer meet the strictest industry standards and are environmentally conscious. As part of our integrated pest management programs, pesticides are used only as a last resort, in order to protect human beings, organisms not targeted by the intervention, and the environment. Learn more about our ecological approach by talking with our specialists.

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