Vole extermination

The vole—also known as the field mouse—is a small, invasive rodent that resembles the mouse. It’s distinguished from the mouse by its small ears, short tail, and stocky body with brown fur. Voles can be found mainly in the countryside, but they won’t hesitate to infiltrate a home if they are looking for heat or food. They can penetrate a home or shed through a crack the size of a dime. Whether they are inside or outside, they will definitely cause their share of damage. If it’s happen, don’t wait to call a vole extermination experts to stop the invasion.

Detecting the presence of voles

Voles are active throughout the year. In the winter, they usually take shelter under the snow, which makes them hard to detect. They move around day and night in search of food. You can detect their presence if you notice that the bases of certain trees have been totally stripped of their bark. In the spring, the situation is quite obvious when you notice all the 2.5–5-cm-wide trails crossing your land. You can detect the presence of the nest by looking for piles of blades of grass and droppings on the ground near a stone or dense vegetation. To get rid of it, trust our vole extermination team!

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The damage caused by voles

Voles cause maximum damage during the winter. They build their nests with alfalfa or grasses recovered from your land. The undamaged grasses for the construction of the nest are then used as food. They also feed on grains and lettuce. They therefore devour part of your garden. Maybe you’ll need a vole extermination specialist. Since voles live in colonies, the damage will usually be quite significant. In cold weather, they may come into your home in search of heat and food. At that time, it’s preferable to obtain the intervention of vole extermination specialists to get rid of them for good.

Fast vole extermination

For an effective vole extermination, contact ExterminaPro’s 24-hour service. Our specialized vole extermination technicians will come to your home or business to get rid of the voles that are bothering you. Don’t wait until your lawn looks like a real labyrinth of trails! Contact our vole exterminators now!

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