About ExterminaPro’s pest control services

ExterminaPro emerged in order to meet the changing needs in the field of pest control. As professional exterminators, we set ourselves apart through the use of eco-friendly pest control methods and through our desire to offer high-quality services at the best price-quality ratio. Our promise: highly professional pest control services and 100%-guaranteed results! We are a Quebec-based company at the service of Quebecers!

A wide range of safe pest control services

Leave it to our exterminators, from our pest control services department, to take action to solve your insect or wild animal problems for good. We favour treatments that use the fewest possible pesticides out of a concern for the environment and your health. In addition, our guarantee, which is unmatched on the market, applies to all the services that we offer. Discover our wide range of pest control services:

Exterminateur résidentiel - Residential pest control

A trusted team for a trusted pest control service

With over 15 years of experience as exterminators, we have surrounded ourselves with the most qualified people in the industry in order to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly pest control services. Our qualified technicians have developed advanced expertise and know-how that allows them to adapt to all pest problems.

We hold the following certifications and permits:

A sign of our involvement in the industry, we are also proud members of the following pest control service associations:

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