Rodent control

Small animals and rodent infestations aren’t uncommon, and each specie has its rodent control method. Several species are very well suited to living with humans and invade homes in search of food and heat. Are you looking for a team of qualified exterminators to apply treatment? ExterminaPro’s effective and eco-friendly rodent control solution will bring you the desired results.

Rodent control & extermination for harmful animals

Our temperate climate and urban encroachment cause rodents and small animals present in natural environments to sometimes seek shelter inside our homes and businesses. Learn more about the most common species in our area, and click on the link to discover the rodent control solutions:

This rodent is known for being an enemy in agricultural environments, where it can wreak havoc in cultivated fields.
This gregarious nocturnal mammal can settle in colonies in buildings and cause many concerns.
ery common across Quebec, these animals can become bothersome when they infiltrate homes. An exterminator specializing in rodents can relocate them.
Despite their harmless appearance, marmots destroy your garden and yard by digging tunnels.
This species is well-known for the foul odour that it emits when threatened. An experienced exterminator will keep this animal away without difficulty.
These rodents attack your garbage as well as your pipes, electrical wires, and food reserves. Carriers of multiple diseases that can be transmitted to humans, rats require the intervention of a rodent exterminator.
In agricultural settings, muskrats can cause extensive damage to embankments and crops.
Carrying many diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans, this species should be relocated by animal control professionals. Mice: An exterminator will be necessary to remove these rodents from your walls, ceilings, attic, or garage.
An exterminator will be necessary to remove these rodents from your walls, ceilings, attic, or garage.
These animals can annoy you with their shrill cries. Contact us to relocate them to a healthy environment without hurting them.

Our eco-friendly rodent control techniques

Whatever type of rodent is bothering you, our team makes every effort to adopt rodent control methods that respect wildlife and the environment. The safety of your family and pets is always our priority. That’s why we’re proud to use pesticides only in case of necessity and why we instead favour natural control measures.

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