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If ants have invaded your business, your land, or your home, don’t wait to call on an ant exterminator. Besides conventional ant control methods using pesticides, the ExterminaPro’s ant exterminator team has developed an exclusive baiting technique to effectively get rid of several species, including carpenter ants.

The common ant species in Quebec

The Quebec climate is favourable to the proliferation of several types of ants. By relying on a professional ant exterminator, you can be sure that the treatment applied is actually suited to the species that’s bothering you. Discover some of the ants that are encountered here:
Carpenter ants attack wooden structures and can cause damage by digging tunnels in them where they take shelter. It’s essential to get help from an exterminator to remove the carpenter ants from your home and to prevent them from damaging it further.

Pavement ants are very common in Quebec. In the summer, their nests—which can be detected by the mounds of sand located at their entrances—are encountered on asphalt, concrete, paved surfaces, and even in the empty spaces of structures. Pavement ants can enter homes looking for food. That’s why they may appear there in any season, and you need an ant exterminator to control the invasion.

Pharaoh ants live in large colonies and can quickly become invasive. Very small in size, they can be recognized when they move in single file or from the traces of droppings that they leave on the surfaces that they cross. This species is resistant to conventional baits and chemicals, so you should get help from an ant exterminator to remove them from your home.

Unparalleled ant control expertise

Once on-site, our specialized ant exterminators will propose the most suitable treatment for your situation. Our methods have proven their effectiveness in the field time and time again: results 100% guaranteed! Ask our ant exterminator team to find out about our annual protection plans. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind of being pest-free all year long!

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