Pest Control In Food Processing Plants

ExterminaPro anticipates the expectations of their clients by offering reassuring support so that they exceed the numerous food standards and requirements in effect in Canada. To do this, we make available to you a network of the most qualified experts to provide you with peace of mind at the time of your audit.

Our Agri-Food Pest Control Elite program

We’ve developed a pest control in food processing plants protection program that exceeds the strictest food standards in effect. With this approach, we work closely with you to obtain a pest-free environment while minimizing the use of pesticides. Our professionals assist you with all your pest control operations, ranging from sanitation to the structural improvement of your business. Designed to exceed HACCP, AIB, and GFSI requirements, our Elite program includes:

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Pest Control In Food Processing Plants Experts

When it comes to pest control in food processing plants, nothing should be left to chance to ensure the safety of your products and your facilities. With their advanced expertise, our certified specialists make every effort so that—at every step of the agri-food chain—your operations exceed the strictest food standards. The programs that we deploy and the techniques that we use are in line with the applicable standards and certifications: BRC, SQF, BIO, IFS, FSSC 22000, CanadaGap, QP, and QualityPro Food Safety.

Learn more about integrated pest management

ExterminaPro specializes in integrated pest management. This approach aims to combine all available pest prevention methods in a given environment. Within the context of our integrated pest management programs, pesticides are only used as a last resort to reach acceptable control levels while causing as little damage as possible to humans, non-targeted organisms, and the environment. Get in touch with us to learn more about our pest control in food processing plants protection program!

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