Outdoor Pest Control

Before pests and unwanted insects infiltrate your commercial building or your home, plan ahead by opting for an outdoor pest control treatment. Highly effective, this treatment is sustainable and eco-friendly. Ask our specialists to learn all about the preventive pest control treatments within your reach.

Why treat the outside of your building?

You might think that the outdoors is the natural environment where insects can proliferate at leisure. But species control may still be desirable, even outside. After all, the vast majority of pests found inside commercial or residential buildings come from the outdoor environment. With ExterminaPro, you get a safe, effective, and eco-friendly outdoor pest control treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment is guaranteed for the entire season, and it’s included in your residential protection program.

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Learn more about our outdoor pest control treatments

At ExterminaPro, we carry out complete outdoor pest control treatments to protect your assets and preserve your comfort inside your home or within your business establishment. This type of intervention helps control the presence of spiders, ants, rodents, wasps, and a multitude of other unwanted pests. Two options are available to you to benefit from our outdoor treatments:

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