Industrial Pest Control

See how ExterminaPro, an exterminator specializing in industrial pest control, implements every method to provide you with an environment free from harmful pests. You’ll be relieved to be benefiting from the expertise of a network of qualified professionals taking charge of the industrial pest control of your operations.

Methods tailored to the industrial sector

ExterminaPro offers you complete handling of the parasites and other pests that are affecting your operations. The methods and products that we use in performing our work prioritize the health and safety of your workers at all times. See how our industrial pest control services can protect both your workplace and the materials that you produce:

Extermination industrielle - Industrial pest control

Learn more about our Elite program

The approach favoured by our Elite industrial pest protection plans involves working with you to eliminate pathogens and pests from your environment while minimizing the pesticides used. Our industrial pest control experts adapt to the specifics of your field of business to offer you high-quality interventions. Designed to exceed HACCP, AIB, and GFSI requirements, our Elite program includes:

The benefits of integrated industrial pest management

Our industrial pest control services seek to cause as little damage as possible to the environment and to the workers in your industry. Having developed advanced expertise in integrated pest management over the years, ExterminaPro favours the use of all the preventive methods within your reach to provide you with a pest-free environment, using pesticides only as a last resort.

Extermination industrielle - Industrial Pest control & Exterminator
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