Pest Control Services

Are you looking for a team of qualified pest control exterminators to solve a rodent, insect, or even bird problem? ExterminaPro’s eco-friendly and highly effective interventions will bring you the desired results. We’ve mastered the specifics unique to each line of business. That’s why our pest control extermination services succeed with so much precision.

A wide range of pest control services

Our pest control solutions are effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Our wide range of pest control extermination services includes, among others:

Discover our Elite program, PESTSCAN scanning technology, and all the methods that we implement so that you exceed the strictest food standards at the time of your audit.

Protect your establishment and your reputation by trusting us to handle pest control within your business. Focus on your commercial activities and gain peace of mind.
Our extermination services get rid of the pests and pathogens that could affect the smooth functioning of your operations or the health of your workers.

Ensure the well-being and peace of mind of your family by getting rid of the unwanted organisms that have settled in your home. Our pest control department can help you, at home!

Act preventively by treating the outside of your building to prevent disruptive species from penetrating it. You’ll be relieved to have been so forward-looking!
Fumigation, an extermination method that involves releasing a gas into a hermetic environment, makes it possible to effectively treat structures of all types and infested products.

A comprehensive approach to pest control

If you’re unable to get rid of invasive species inside or even around your building, it’s time to contact a specialized exterminator. Our experts will quickly identify the best intervention for your situation. Ask them all your questions about the cutting-edge methods and techniques that we adopt in our integrated pest management programs.

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