Commercial pest control

Protecting your customers is a priority for you. It is for our commercial exterminators too. Find out how our wide range of commercial pest control services ensures the protection of the health and safety of the people who frequent your establishment. The interventions of our exterminators in commercial environments are intended to be discreet and concerned with your reputation.

Our exterminators specializing in commercial pest control

Whether you operate in the restaurant industry, food retailing, hospitality, tourism, or many other sectors, we’re there to take charge of your fight against the most common pests. ExterminaPro anticipates the needs of their clients by offering services that prioritize the health and safety of your employees and your customers. Find out how our commercial extermination services meet the specific needs of the commercial sector:


Our commercial pest control Elite program

With our pest protection program, we work with you to eliminate pathogens and pests from your environment with minimal use of traditional pesticides. Our qualified exterminators are trained to intervene in commercial environments. Designed to exceed HACCP, AIB, and GFSI requirements and tailored to the commercial sector, our Elite program includes:

The advantages of integrated pest management

Specializing in integrated commercial pest control management, ExterminaPro combines all the pest prevention methods within your reach to provide you with an environment free from pests as well as chemical pesticides as much as possible. Our commercial extermination services are in line with this practice, which seeks to cause as little damage as possible to humans and the environment. ExterminaPro is the pest control company you can trust.

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