Warehouse Beetle Control

In Canada, the warehouse beetle is one of the worst enemies of grain storage. While the adults of this species feed primarily on flower pollen and nectar, the larvae wreak havoc by parasitizing a wide variety of stored food: grains, animal feed, legumes and nuts, dehydrated food, etc. Don’t let the warehouse beetle cause significant financial losses: eliminate it from your establishment!

Recognizing the warehouse beetle

Present across Canada, the warehouse beetle is frequently detected in warehouses, agri-food factories, and processing establishments. It’s characterized by its bicoloured body, which varies between light and dark brown. It’s the hairy whitish larvae of the warehouse beetle that cause the most damage to stored food. In a residential environment, the hair of the larvae—if there are enough of them—can cause skin reactions. For its part, the food contaminated by the warehouse beetle can cause gastrointestinal problems in the occupants who consume it.
Exterminateur trogoderme - Warehouse beetles exterminator

Warehouse beetle control

In Canada, the integrated pest management of the warehouse beetle is controlled. Rely on a pest control specialist to ensure that the extermination methods used to meet the highest industry standards. If you notice the presence of the molted exoskeletons of warehouse beetle larvae—one of the most obvious signs of infestation—discuss this with a member of the ExterminaPro team without delay. We work closely with you to achieve a pest-free environment while minimizing the use of pesticides.

Warehouse beetle extermination 100% guaranteed

We team up with you to ensure that all pests are eliminated from your environment, whatever your line of business: agri-food storage, food service, processing plants, food transport, agricultural or touristic establishments, etc. Our clients enjoy a guarantee that’s unmatched on the market, and we’re proud of it! ExterminaPro guarantees the elimination of an existing pest infestation, or you will be completely refunded. Don’t wait for the warehouse beetle to ravage your stored food and cause financial losses before taking action. Contact our warehouse beetle control experts!

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