Marmot Control & Removal

Marmots usually make their appearance in the spring, after the thaw. They are sometimes called “whistlepigs” due to the shrill whistling sound that they emit when they feel threatened. Despite their kindly appearance, they can be a source of problems when they are found in your yard. The marmot is a large rodent that digs burrows and therefore destroys your land. In addition, the marmot reproduces quickly, and the young marmots quickly leave the burrow to dig their own burrow. This could also be found in your home! By contacting professional marmot control services, you’ll be able to get rid of them.

Detecting the presence of marmots

Marmots can easily live on your land without you realizing it. However, in the fall, their presence is obvious when you notice holes near the shed or in your flowerbeds. If part of your garden disappears during the night, that’s another clear sign that a marmot has probably taken up residence in your yard. If the marmot is quite discreet, however, it’s possible to see it resting on a stone in the sun or to hear its shrill whistling if something is scaring it.
Exterminateur marmotte - Marmot control & removal

Marmot control to avoid serious damage

Marmots cause a great deal of damage to the ground by digging burrows there, and you can ask for help from a marmot control company to avoid damage. Besides weakening the ground, a burrow usually has two to five access points, which lead to gaping holes and piles of soil on the ground. The vegetation found under the piles of soil usually doesn’t survive. If marmots make their burrows in a farmable area, it can quickly be ruined. In the yard of a home, they can devour a significant portion of your garden in a single night. These large rodents will chew the bark of trees and shrubs. Act fast and contact a marmot control expert.

ExterminaPro’s qualified marmot control

If you need an exterminator for a marmot problem, team up with the marmot control specialists from ExterminaPro. Although it’s possible to keep this unwanted animal away from your garden yourself, you probably won’t succeed in chasing it away for good. Our marmot control technicians will come to your home to capture and relocate these harmful rodents without cruelty so that you can take full advantage of your yard and garden.

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