Bed Bug Extermination

In North America, bed bug infestations are experiencing a rapid explosion and are particularly difficult to control, especially in apartment buildings and hotel rooms. If you suspect that these pests have taken shelter in your home, don’t wait to contact a bed bug exterminator. The specialized bed bug exterminators team from ExterminaPro is trained to eradicate your problem effectively.

Detecting the presence of bed bugs

At maturity, bed bugs look like apple seeds. Small and not very mobile, they can go unnoticed in your environment. While their bites are usually painless, the toxic saliva that they secrete while feeding on human blood causes severe itching and the appearance of blisters, often in groups of two or three. They mainly nest at the head and base of the bed, behind frames and mirrors, in the folds and seams of the curtains, and in the cracks of the furniture in your room. Having developed a resistance to traditional pesticides, this pest is one of the hardest to eradicate. That’s why the expertise of a bed bug exterminator is essential to get rid of them for good.
Exterminateur punaise de lit - Bed bug exterminator

Bed bug extermination 100% guaranteed

Our qualified bed bug exterminators don’t overlook any detail when it comes to stopping the infestation in your home. They will advise you on how to prepare the premises and conduct a rigorous follow-up after the treatment. With ExterminaPro, the results of our bed bug treatment are 100% guaranteed, which is the best guarantee on the market! Our team can also recommend a certified anti-bed bug mattress cover to prevent a re-infestation of your mattress.

Bed bug heat treatment

With its mobile unit, ExterminaPro’s bed bug exterminators use the latest technology in thermal treatment. The service unit has a thermal capacity of 640,000 BTUs—the highest on the market! Using propylene glycol-based technology, this specialized equipment is safe and presents no fire hazard.

Bed bug exterminators

Exterminateur punaise de lit - Bed bug exterminator
Exterminateur punaise de lit - Bed bug exterminator

Opt for a trusted partner

Avoid the nightmare of an infestation by calling on a specialized bed bug exterminator. The specialists from ExterminaPro remain on the lookout for the latest developments and make every effort to develop amazingly effective techniques to eliminate this unwanted pest. In the field, our pest control professionals are specifically trained to eradicate this insect in a safe and eco-friendly way. Our 100% success rate proves it!
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