Residential Pest Control

At ExterminaPro, we understand the importance of your well-being and your security in your living environment: your home. That’s why we make every effort to provide your family with safe, eco-friendly protection services that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Our residential pest control exterminators can help you to take care of your family!

Safe residential pest control and extermination service

Trust our residential exterminators to protect your home throughout the year. At ExterminaPro, your protection is our priority, whether you’re making a one-time service call or signing up for our comprehensive protection program. Your satisfaction after our residential pest control expert visit is guaranteed. When it comes to residential pest control, our team offers you a full range of one-time treatments and a turnkey protection program. Ask us!

Exterminateur résidentiel - Residential pest control

Our residential pest protection programs

The residential protection program ensures complete coverage throughout the year against major pests. With our residential extermination program, you’ll receive a visit from our representative three or more times per year for a detailed 22-point inspection of your home. The appropriate eco-friendly treatments will be carried out if necessary, and recommendations will be provided to you to help you maintain a pathogen-free environment. If you notice the presence of pests, contact us to obtain the assistance of a technician at no additional charge!
Our turnkey protection program includes:

Our wide range of additional services

In addition to the usual residential extermination treatments, ExterminaPro has developed an array of additional residential pest control services that may be useful to you. Contact our residential exterminators to learn more!

Extermination résidentielle - Residential pest control
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