Carpet Beetle Extermination

Quite common in Quebec homes, the carpet beetle is a very harmful insect. It attacks fabrics, carpets, curtains, and any dry plant- and animal-based materials that it finds. It’s therefore normal to want to get rid of it quickly. For carpet beetle extermination, trust ExterminaPro.

Recognizing the carpet beetle

Before contacting our carpet beetle exterminators, learn to recognize them. Very hairy, carpet beetle larvae look like little caterpillars. They have an insatiable appetite for natural fibers and their mandibles are heavy-duty. At maturity, the adults take the form of small, black insects with orange stripes. This species devours a wide range of materials and feeds on stuffed animals, insect collections, and pet hair. In homes, carpet beetles can be found under rugs, in clothing and stored linen, behind baseboards, etc. Call us to find out about our carpet beetle extermination services for an invasion and other pests that attack the fabrics in your home.

Attagène des tapis extermination - Black carpet beetle control

Preventing carpet beetle infestations

Before having to resort to carpet beetle extermination, some simple preventive methods may allow you to keep them away from your carpets and your favourite woolly items. Discover these few measures that will help you avoid many headaches:

Pro carpet beetle extermination guaranteed

Do you notice holes in your clothing or irregularities in the fabric of your carpets? Is the presence of hairy larvae causing you to have skin reactions? You could be dealing with a carpet beetle infestation. If you’re unable to eliminate this insect from your home by yourself, opt for a carpet beetle extermination treatment that will get rid of carpet beetles effectively. At ExterminaPro, all our carpet beetle extermination treatments are 100% guaranteed and ensure the elimination of an existing infestation. Take advantage of our fast and professional carpet beetle extermination service now!

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