White Grub Control

The white grub is one of the insects that causes the most damage to lawns, and it’s very hard to eliminate. The white grub is the larva of the chafer, and it feeds on the roots of the grass, which causes it to die. A colony of white grubs can quickly decimate a significant portion of your beautiful lawn. If you find yourself in this situation, you should have a white grub control pro performed.

Preventing invasions with a white grub control

Not surprisingly, the white grub is usually white—or yellowish—and can reach up to 4 cm. Its fleshy body is C-shaped. It can easily be confused with other grubs or larvae. The presence of the white grub can be detected by the extent of the damage that it causes. The larvae destroy the lawn by eating the roots. The grass therefore turns yellow and can easily be lifted up from the ground. An additional inconvenience: if your lawn is infested with white grubs, birds and small mammals will invade it to feast on them.
Extermination vers blancs - White grub control & extermination

Preventing white grub invasions

Before resorting to a white grub control specialist, some preventive measures can help you control the spread:

White grub control within your reach

If enriching your lawn hasn’t allowed you to avoid an infestation, you should proceed with a white grub control. Contact ExterminaPro’s 24-hour service and a specialist will come to your home to evaluate the situation and to control the white grub. Two white grub control treatment types are available to you to remove this pest from your lawn:

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