Rat extermination

Rats can cause a great deal of property damage to your home or business establishment. That’s because they don’t just settle for feeding on garbage. With their sharp incisors, they attack electrical wires, various materials, and your furniture. Because they carry diseases, it’s highly recommended to ask an exterminator for help how to get rid of rats.

Detecting the presence of rats

This rodent has nocturnal habits, so you’re unlikely to come across it during the day, unless it’s looking for food. A rat exterminator can confirm the presence of rats, but certain clues may already suggest an invasion of this pest. For example, rats will leave droppings on their way. Inspect corners, attics, the garage, etc., looking for these traces or a strong urine odour. You might also notice the marks of their incisors on various materials: chewed-up food packages, pipes, damaged furniture or electrical wires, or holes chewed into the walls. At night, the sounds of their movements and their little cries will indicate the presence of rats. A rat exterminator can help you solve the problem.

Exterminateur rats - Rat extermination

Prevent damage with rat exterminators

You shouldn’t wait too long to call on a rat exterminator to get rid of them since they cause damage. You should know that this pest is a gregarious species and that packs of rats can quickly invade your home. And because they reproduce in large numbers and have a fast reproduction cycle, rat populations proliferate rapidly! Although they flee humans and bites are quite rare, rats carry a multitude of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. It’s best to get rid of them quickly to eliminate the risks that they pose to the health of your family, your employees, or your customers.

How to get rid of rats with ExterminaPro

As soon as you suspect the presence of rats, contact a pest management specialist from ExterminaPro to gain peace of mind. Highly qualified, our exterminators get rid of the rats that have settled in your environment, whether it’s at home or in a commercial or industrial establishment. Our 24-hour service ensures fast intervention. Don’t wait any longer, call our rat exterminators!

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