Mouse Extermination

These small, gregarious, and intelligent rodents will keep you on your toes if you let them roam free in your home. They measure only 6 to 10 cm and rarely weigh more than 50 g, but they will make enough noise to wake you up. They only need a crack the size of a penny to slip through. Poorly sealed access holes for electrical or telecommunications cables and air conditioning pipes are popular entry points for mice. Remember that regardless of the infestation type, our mouse exterminators can act quickly.

Detecting the presence of mice

If you’re not sure about their presence, call a mice exterminator sooner than later… They’ll help you to prevent damages. The presence of mice is usually obvious when you hear scratching or scurrying in the walls or ceilings during the night. You may also hear sounds resembling knocking on the pipes. If their presence isn’t heard at night, you can detect their droppings left in large quantities on the ground or on the insulation in the attic. The presence of perforated packages and chewed-up food in the pantry is also a sign indicating the presence of one or more mice in your home. It’s best to call on a mouse exterminator to get rid of them before they cause any damage.

Exterminateur souris - Mouse exterminator

Preventing damage with mouse exterminators

Mice damage buildings. They gnaw on the pipes and electrical wires. This increases the possibility of a water or gas leak or the risk of fire. Since mice usually live in groups, they can consume a large amount of the food in your pantry. Packages of various products will be perforated. All this food will be contaminated and will have to be thrown away. This must be taken seriously, because mice often carry diseases or parasites. Like other rodents, mice use their incisors to chew up your most beautiful furniture! The qualified mouse exterminators from ExterminaPro will help you get rid of mice and other harmful rodents.

Safe & reliable mouse exterminators

If you’re struggling with a mouse infestation, our professional exterminators can help you. Don’t wait until their reproduction makes them too numerous. Mice are a risk to your health, since they carry diseases and parasites. Act at the first signs of their presence in your environment. The mouse exterminators at ExterminaPro know how to capture all these harmful rodents that are bothering you

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