Raccoon Pest Control

This animal, although charming with its burglar mask, is harmful. Raccoons can become aggressive, bite, and transmit diseases and parasites. They can easily be recognized by their black and white masks, as well as the black rings on their tails. Raccoons are present throughout the year, although they are a little less active during the winter. During the cold seasons, they take shelter in attics, where they cause maximum damage. In that case, you’ll want to call on a raccoon pest control pro or an exterminator to keep families away from your home.

Detecting the presence of raccoons

This highly intelligent and curious animal leaves its burrow at night to wreak havoc. It’s quite nocturnal. The presence of overturned garbage cans and food removed from their bags is a good indicator of the presence of raccoons. You can also notice their presence by the smell of their urine. If you are not sure about their presence, call a raccoon pest control experts. They mark their territory by depositing urine there, which has a strong stench. In the evenings, you might see them climbing up or down a tree. Their sharp claws allow them to descend a tree with their heads downward. Ask our raccoon pest control pros to find out how to keep raccoons away without cruelty.

Exterminateur raton laveur - Raccoon control & removal

Damage caused by raccoons and pest control

Do not worry, damages can be avoided with a professional raccoon pest control. Thanks to their nimble fingers, they tear open your garbage bags and happily scatter their contents. Avid eaters, raccoons can return day after day to feed on your food waste, which causes its share of inconveniences. They also damage your land by digging holes to reach the white grubs that hide there. If they penetrate your home, they damage the insulation in the attic, scratch the walls, pull out materials, and leave droppings. As they are likely to carry numerous diseases and parasites, it’s preferable to find out how to get rid of raccoons quickly. Call a raccoon pest control pro to figure out.

Our cruelty-free raccoon pest control services

If you want to get rid of it for good, trust a certified raccoon pest control expert. The ExterminaPro’s raccoon removal experts know how to keep them away from your home. They will capture the animal and relocate it to an appropriate place. Since raccoons carry diseases and are sometimes aggressive, it’s not recommended to try to get rid of them yourself. Call on a raccoon pest control professional!

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