The Black Carpet Beetle

In our homes, the black carpet beetle attacks natural fibers and certain synthetic textiles to feed. In addition to fabrics, the larvae, which are quite voracious, feed on a variety of food products, such as cereal and even pet food. If you see carpet beetle larvae or adult specimens, act fast before the problem gets any bigger… Contact our pest control experts!

Recognizing the black carpet beetle

Before contacting our control experts, learn to recognize them. As with many pests, it’s the larvae that are most damaging to the insides of homes. Their food sources are mostly animal-based materials, like leather, felt, fur, silk, feathers and wool. They can be identified by their cylindrical bodies with alternating light and dark brown stripes and the presence of longer hairs on their rear ends. Adult carpet beetles take on the appearance of small beetles 3 to 5 mm in length. The colour of their hard shells shifts between dark brown and black. Black carpet beetles usually settle in air ducts, empty spaces in structures, in sofas and carpets, behind baseboards, etc. Maybe our black carpet beetle control experts could help you!

Attagène des tapis extermination - Black carpet beetle control

Black carpet beetle control to prevent infestation

If you notice the increased presence of black carpet beetles in your home, this may be a sign that you have been invaded by this small beetle. If you got a problem, contact our exterminators to find out what’s happening. To reduce the risk of experiencing this inconvenience, a few black carpet beetle control preventive tips should be applied to keep black carpet beetles away:

Safe black carpet beetle treatments

When it comes to black carpet beetle control, there’s nothing better than entrusting the situation to professionals who are familiar with this little pest. Don’t wait for your clothes to be damaged and your food to be ravaged to act. Our effective eco-friendly black carpet beetle treatments will get rid of it without jeopardizing the health of the occupants of your house, including your precious pets.

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