Pharaoh Ant Extermination

Although they are harmless to humans, pharaoh ants can quickly become invasive due to the impressive size of their colonies. One colony can hold up to 10,000 individuals! As this species is resistant to traditional baits and chemicals, you’ll need the help of pharaoh ants extermination pros to get rid of them.

Detecting the pharaoh ant before extermination

This ant can be recognized by its colour, which varies between brown, amber, and red, and its black eyes on each side of its head. Workers are small in size, not exceeding 2 mm, while queens can reach 5 mm and have wings, although they can’t fly. The presence of pharaoh ants can be detected when they move in single file or from the black marks that their droppings leave on walls and other places that they visit. This insect is attracted by mould and food. Although the pharaoh ant doesn’t bite, its presence can cause other inconveniences such as food poisoning, since it transports dirt and traces of mould.
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Pharaoh ant extermination to prevent invasions

The intervention of a qualified pharaoh ant extermination expert is necessary to eradicate an infestation. To avoid being invaded by this harmful insect, a few preventive measures can be applied inside and outside your home.

An experienced pharaoh ant extermination team

Whether it’s your home or business that’s affected by an invasion, call on ExterminaPro’s pharaoh ant extermination department to eradicate the problem and prevent the inconveniences that it causes. We’ll tailor our approach to the environment in which you operate. Ask our professionals to find out about our turnkey protection plans to ensure that you’re pest-free all year long. Results 100% guaranteed!

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