Skunk Removal

The skunk is an animal feared by humans and animals, primarily due to the foul secretions that it can project. The skunk can be recognized by its black coat and distinctive white stripe. You might see one near your home throughout the year since they don’t hibernate. Because they are generally nocturnal animals, it will be easier to see them at night. During the winter, they enter a lethargic sleep phase without reaching the full hibernation phase. That’s why you might sometimes smell their odor in mild weather. A skunk removal service can help you solve the problem.

Detecting the presence of skunks

Skunks are noctural and can go unnoticed if they’ve taken up residence in your home. They prefer quiet locations such as underneath a balcony or shed to dig their burrows. They can also be found in your attic despite the fact that they are bad climbers. To feed on grubs, they dig cone-shaped holes in the ground. Their presence can also be detected by the foul odor of the liquid that they secrete, which can be found in the air or on your favorite pet! If you’re looking for how to keep skunks away, discuss this with our wildlife removal specialists.

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The damage caused by skunks

Skunks don’t look for a fight, and they prefer to retreat when they see a human. However, if they feel too threatened, they project their smelly liquid onto their adversary, up to a distance of 6 metres. Once the enemy has been sprayed, the odour will stay on them for a long time. It won’t be easy to get rid of it! In addition, since skunks are omnivorous, they love the contents of your garbage cans, so it’s not uncommon that they are to blame if your garbage has been tipped over onto the ground. Skunks also love the white grubs that hide in the ground and dig up your lawn to get at them. Since they can carry rabies, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact experienced skunk removal pros to find out how to get rid of skunks.

100%-guaranteed skunk removal service

If you need a skunk removal specialist to solve your skunk problem, consider the professional exterminators from ExterminaPro. Our team knows how to keep skunks away effectively. They relocate this harmful animal without any cruelty. Avoid the inconveniences that unwanted contact with this species can cause and protect your pets from smelly skunk attacks. Contact our skunk control pros!

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