Hornet Nest Removal

The hornet and the wasp are sometimes confused. However, the hornet is larger than the wasp, measuring about 20 mm. The female can reach up to 35 mm. The hornet’s abdomen is distinguished from that of the wasp by its yellowish-orange colour. Contrary to popular belief, the hornet’s sting isn’t more painful than that of the bee or the wasp. However, if their presence is felt, you should still proceed with a hornet nest removal.

Detecting the presence of the hornet nest before removal

The hornet is never alone. It moves in colonies of 100 to 400 individuals. Hornets make their appearance with the arrival of spring (until mid-April). They build greyish paper nests from chewed-up wood fibers. The nests are usually located in the ground or in trees. They are also found in attics, patios, sheds, and wall cavities. Finally, the hornet is recognizable by the noise that it makes while flying. You’ll hear it coming. Don’t wait until the nest is finished being built before contacting a specialist for hornet nest removal.

Extermination frelon - Hornet nest removal

Preventing hornet stings with hornet nest removal

The hornet is a great defender of its nest. Anyone who comes within 3 meters of the nest could be stung. However, besides guarding its nest closely, the hornet is quite peaceful and doesn’t sting unnecessarily. Hornets love nectar and foods that are high in sugar. They regularly take shelter in fruits that have fallen from trees to feed on them. By avoiding stepping on these fruits, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises. In their presence, minimize sudden movements that could scare them. If you detect a nest near your home, you should proceed with a hornet nest removal quickly.

A 100%-guaranteed hornet nest removal

Although the hornet’s sting isn’t more painful than that of the wasp or the bee, it won’t hesitate to sting multiple times, which can become very unpleasant. Do not worry, hornet nest removal is possible! Contact our hornet nest removal specialists from ExterminaPro for hornet nest removal. They will let you enjoy your barbecues and outdoor activities all summer long in total peace of mind.

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