The Carpenter Ant

The carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.) measures between 6 and 25 mm in length. It can be recognized by its body, which is divided into three distinct parts. Blackish in colour, it’s characterized by its red and brown thorax. Its length and physiognomy differ slightly based on whether we’re talking about a worker, a male, or a queen. Carpenter ant can be distinguished from the termite by its arched, segmented antennae and its thin size. The bicoloured ant is dark brownish-black with a reddish-brown thorax, while the black carpenter ant is uniformly brownish-black. These two species are among the most common species of carpenter ants in Canada.

The lifestyle of the carpenter ant


The carpenter ant builds its nest in wood. It’s often found in joists, beams, woodwork, outdoor furniture made of wood, and trees. Carpenter ants prefer wood that’s wet or rotting but can also dig into healthy wood. The carpenter ant’s nest is made up of numerous tunnels and generates a large amount of sawdust that’s expelled outside the nest.


You should know that the carpenter ant doesn’t eat wood. It feeds on small insects and food found in the house, such as fruit, sweets, and raw or cooked meat.


The reproduction period of the carpenter ant is between May and July. Mating takes place while in flight. The male dies shortly after fertilization. The fertilized female then establishes her nest to lay her eggs. In time, the nest will contain about 2,000 workers.
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The risks associated with carpenter ants

The ants weaken the wood by digging their nests there, which consist of numerous tunnels. They can quickly ravage the frames of houses or any other wooden structure. Since they prefer moist wood, the presence of carpenter ants can reveal the presence of abnormal humidity. In homes, carpenter ants can also attack the spaces between walls, bookshelves, and wooden doors. Our specialists can get rid of the carpenter ants that have invaded your home before they cause more damage. Ask them!

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