Rice Weevil Control & Treatments

Belonging to the Coleoptera order, this pantry pest attacks grain reserves, and more specifically rice. It’s present across Canada, as well as on the global scale. Trust our rice weevil control experts to find out how to get rid of them most effectively.

Recognizing the rice weevil

Brown and about 2.5 to 4 mm in size, as an adult, the rice weevil has a morphology almost identical to that of the maize weevil. You need to dissect them to be able to tell these two species apart. Not sure? Ask a rice weevils control expert to determine which species you got at home! At maturity, the rice weevil’s wing covers sport four yellowish-red marks. As the white larvae of this pest grow inside the grain, they go unnoticed, even when the grain is passed through a sieve. To find out how to get rid of them, ask one of our rice weevil control specialists about the most suitable techniques. Their know-how regarding pantry bugs is advanced, and they take the applicable standards and regulations into account.

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The damage caused by the rice weevil

In food reserves, rice weevils prefer rice, cereals, grains such as barley and wheat, peas, spices, herbs and even pet food packaging. They may also attack processed grain products, such as pasta, for example. The adults also feed on flour, but the larvae can’t grow there unless it is compacted. How can you get rid of rice weevils and avoid wasting considerable amounts of food? Contact the pest control experts at ExterminaPro to find out what solutions are within your reach. Many rice weevil treatments are available on the market! Get to know which one you need, ask for a certified exterminator.

Team up with a trusted rice weevil exterminator

ExterminaPro’s rice weevil exterminator will solve your pest problem in an eco-friendly way and in compliance with applicable laws and standards. We’re proud to offer our clients in all lines of business a guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry: all the services that we offer are 100% guaranteed! We, therefore, guarantee the elimination of any existing pest infestation, or we will refund your money. Find out how to get rid of the rice weevil without waiting any longer!

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