Grain Beetle Control

The grain beetle—also known as the sawtoothed grain beetle—is a common beetle species in Quebec and around the world. In Canada, this destructive insect is mostly found in milled products such as grains, bread, pasta, and sometimes in grain silos.

Recognizing the grain beetle

The grain beetle is characterized by the six tooth-shaped appendages on its thorax, which earn it the name “sawtoothed grain beetle.” This beetle is brown with shades of rust. Small and flat, it infiltrates the smallest spaces without difficulty. In your pantry, it attacks food made from grains: pasta, bread, cereal, etc. The grain beetle is particularly harmful, since it contaminates all the food with which it comes into contact and makes it unfit for consumption.

Cucujide des grains Exterminateur - Grain beetle exterminator

Preventing a grain beetle infestation

If you find several sawtoothed grain beetle specimens in your environment, it’s recommended to rely on the expertise of a pest control professional. As prevention, however, certain measures may help reduce the risk of infestations and prevent the inconveniences that they cause.

Our grain beetle control protection plans

By opting for a residential, commercial, or industrial protection program, you’re sure to be rid of the most common harmful pests, including the sawtoothed grain beetle. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our technicians, we support clients from all sectors in pest control: from agricultural, institutional, and residential environments to the restaurant industry, food stores, factories, and greenhouses. Ask our team to learn all the benefits of our turnkey protection plans.
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