Chipmunk Pest Control

Chipmunks are usually more disruptive than dangerous. Their shrill cries can disturb your peace and quiet. As it has been proven that chipmunks carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, it’s preferable to find out how to get rid of them. For a cruelty-free chipmunk control &  relocation, let ExterminaPro take action.

Detecting the presence of chipmunks

It may be by hearing the shrill cries of the chipmunk that you’ll detect its presence at first. You can visually confirm its belonging to this species by noticing its friendly appearance and the five black stripes that it sports on its back. This small rodent only weighs about a 100 g. It can be seen in the spring after a hibernation period. To learn how to get rid of chipmunks without hurting them, the intervention of a chipmunk control expert who works with respect for wildlife is required. Contact our chipmunk control department!

Comment se débarrasser des tamias - Chipmunk control

Avoid risks with chipmunk pest control

On your land, the damage caused by chipmunks is usually limited to the presence of a burrow under a shed or balcony. However, the increased presence of this rodent can disturb the peace and quiet of your environment due to the multitude of shrill cries that they emit. You should also act cautiously around chipmunks because they can carry ticks, a dangerous parasite for the health of humans and pets. Let a chipmunk pest control specialist take care of finding out how to get rid of chipmunks effectively and without cruelty.

Responsible chipmunk pest control and removal

To learn how to get rid of them, contact a chipmunk control professional from ExterminaPro. Our highly qualified chipmunk control technicians can capture and release them in a safe environment far from your home or business. If you’ve had enough of listening to the full range of chipmunk cries, contact our 24-hour chipmunk control service, which will act fast. You’ll regain peace and tranquility at your home and on your land. Results 100% guaranteed!

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