Bat Removal

The bat is a unique small mammal: it can fly. It’s a source of concern for the people affected by its presence, who will certainly want to obtain the assistance of a bat exterminator. This animal spends a large part of its time perched upside down, ready to take a flight to feed on insects. Bats consume an impressive amount of them: up to 50% of their weight each day. However, they remain harmful due to the damage and health risks that they cause. With our cruelty-free bat removal methods, we decontaminate the premises and prevent them from returning to settle in this place.

Detecting the presence of bats

Bats seem quite large when they are in flight due to their wingspan. However, they only weigh 8 g. Bats emit ultrasounds while moving. Those emitted by most species are inaudible to the human ear. However, you can hear the sound of their wings when they are in flight. Since bats often live in colonies, the movement of the group is very noisy. In addition, you can usually identify the presence of bats when you see or smell their droppings covering the walls. They often invade attics, barns, garden sheds, garages, and ledges—all places from which a bat removal pro can relocalize them.

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Prevent damage with bat removal

A gregarious species, bats often travel in colonies. The damage that they cause is therefore more extensive. The presence of droppings and urine in attics, on the walls, or on the ground is among the most notable inconveniences. If you want to stop this now, you better to contact our bat removal team. These give off a foul odour and may contain a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) that’s harmful to our health. Bats attract or transport parasites, such as bed bugs, ticks, and flies, which can infest your home. As they may also carry rabies, it’s preferable to ask a bat removal and control experts for help to get rid of them. This virus is contained in their saliva and could be transmitted to you through a simple bite.

Bat removal qualified interventions

Although bats leave for warmer places in the fall, you should contact a bat removal quickly if they have invaded your home. Don’t put your health at risk by accepting their presence. Contact a bat removal technician from ExterminaPro, who will come to your home to help you get rid of these pests.

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