The German Cockroach

The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is a cockroach species of the Blattellidae family. It’s native to Asia but can also be found in Quebec. It’s actually the most common species of cockroach. It can be recognized by its colour, which varies between bronze and light brown. It has two dark streaks that start at its head and run to the base of its wings. It measures between 13 and 16 mm when fully grown.

The lifestyle of the German cockroach


The German cockroach usually seeks out a humid living environment, such as a kitchen or bathroom, because it can’t tolerate the cold. It prefers confined spaces to stay safe from humans. Its small size allows it to hide in small holes. It’s especially active at night, because it avoids bright light.


The German cockroach is omnivorous and feeds on organic matter such as starch, food residue, meat and grease, and other food scraps. When the cockroach is hungry, it feeds on everything it can find.


The female can lay three to six egg capsules (pods) containing up to 50 eggs each. Before placing her eggs on the ground, the female keeps them in her abdomen for a period of about 28 days. She can produce an egg capsule about every six weeks. Once the egg hatches, the cockroach reaches maturity in 60 days.
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The risks associated with German cockroaches

Cockroaches can contaminate food and transmit diseases, since they are often in contact with bacteria, parasites, and fungi. The German cockroach, like other types of cockroaches, leaves contaminated droppings on food and in preparation areas. Cockroach droppings can cause adverse reactions in people with asthma. To eliminate roaches from your environment, call on our German cockroach extermination specialists without further delay!
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