Bug Extermination

Insect invasions involve their share of inconveniences. In some cases, they even pose a health risk to the occupants of a home or the people who frequent an infested location. That’s why you need to get the services of a professional bug exterminator. Do you suspect the presence of harmful insects in your environment or are you overwhelmed by a massive infestation? Trust ExterminaPro’s bug exterminators, the leader in pest control. Achieving the desired results is guaranteed!

A large number of unwanted insects

Whatever the line of business in which you operate, the presence of pests or pathogens in your environment can be a source of concern. Our bug exterminator experts with years of experience are skilled at controlling a wide variety of disruptive insects and pests problems:

Nid d’abeille - Bee extermination
Flying insects, such as bees, wasps and hornets
A bug exterminator is the smartest choice to keep away these pests whose stings are potentially dangerous. All these species protect their nests fiercely, and it can be hazardous to try to remove them yourself.

Although harmless in Quebec, spiders can bother people who are very afraid of them and become invasive when numerous individuals come inside. Yellow spiders can bite during the night, and the symptoms are often confused with bed bug bites.

These small beetles primarily attack carpets and other fabrics. The larvae of these insects can do irreparable damage to your property. A bug exterminator could help you and your family with your carpet beetle problem.

Looking for a damp environment to survive, woodlice make their appearance during the thaw. If you see any inside your home, it’s because the populations are undoubtedly proliferating outside, don’t wait and call a bug exterminator.

Extermination perce-oreille - Earwig extermination
These insects flee the light and prefer dark, damp places. Don’t give them the optimal conditions to proliferate.

A biting/sucking insect, fleas cause many problems for pets and their owners, who are also susceptible to becoming their hosts.

This pest attacks your lawn by feeding on its roots. During a major infestation, the grass will turn yellow and detach from the ground. In addition, white grubs attract birds and other unwanted species that feast on them.
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