Carpenter Ant Extermination

Present everywhere in nature, where they play an essential role, carpenter ants have had to adapt due to the encroachment of urban areas on their natural environment. You should call on a carpenter ant exterminator for a problem if you notice that this species has attacked your wooden structures: home, balcony, framework, shed, or wood panelling. Don’t wait to contact our carpenter ant extermination department to find out what’s the best treatment.

Detecting the carpenter ant before extermination

Inside and outside your home, several signs may suggest the presence of this insect. An infestation can be eradicated by the intervention of a professional carpenter ant extermination service who is familiar with it. To do this, it’s necessary to act at the first signs:

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Preventing carpenter ant infestations

Avoid storing wood close to the house and pay special attention to the firewood that you bring into your home in the fall. The presence of climbing plants on your home and trees near its structure may also increase the risk of being invaded by carpenter ants, which requires the intervention of a carpenter ant extermination expert.

Carpenter ant extermination

Several options are available to you to eliminate carpenter ants with the help of an exterminator. Our carpenter ant extermination professionals adopt two colony control methods.

Conventional method with pesticides

Apply by our carpenter ant extermination pros, this fast solution effectively eliminates the individuals that are moving around in your home. However, this method requires the use of chemicals that can pose a risk to the health of vulnerable people and to the environment. If the nest isn’t affected by the treatment, the problem could return, which can become costly. In addition, this could lead to additional carpentry costs.

Exclusive - Baiting method

At ExterminaPro, we’ve developed an exclusive baiting method to take care of carpenter ant infestations at the source. Safe for your health and the environment, this method doesn’t require any dangerous pesticides. The entire colony will be destroyed, including the queen, as well as the main nest and the satellite nests. This option includes the treatment of the exterior perimeter of your home and a basic guarantee of two years or more.
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