Eco-Friendly Bee Removal, Control & Extermination

Bees are renowned for the role that they play in the ecosystem thanks to pollination. It’s well known that we owe honey and royal jelly to bees. However, a bee invasion can become intrusive because of the painful stings caused by these insects, among other things. You need to know that with our eco-friendly bee extermination methods, they’re not killed, just removed of your property to protect the family.

Recognizing the bee

Before contacting our bee extermination experts, learn to recognize bees. While this insect is quite familiar, it’s sometimes confused with the wasp, which has a thinner body. The bee is hairy and can be recognized by its black and yellow stripes. It feeds mainly on flower nectar, which is why it can often be seen on flowers, where it forages. The bee lives in swarms in hives that hold tens of thousands of individuals. Although it’s less aggressive than the wasp, this flying insect can sting if it’s threatened. It can, therefore, be dangerous to try to destroy a beehive by yourself or using consumer products on the market. We recommend you to contact our bee extermination service to eliminate one or more honeycombs. However, if you wish to move a honeycomb, it will be preferable to contact a beekeeper to make the move.

Nid d’abeille - Bee extermination

The risks associated with the bee

The bee doesn’t aggressively protect a wide perimeter around the hive like the wasp does. However, if a beehive is disturbed or threatened, the individuals of the colony don’t hesitate to sting to defend their habitat.  If you got that problem at home, don’t wait to call an eco-friendly bee extermination pro. This insect’s stings are painful. It should be remembered that, in case of a severe allergy, the consequences of being attacked by a bee can be very serious. The bee loses its stinger after stinging and dies shortly thereafter: it therefore only stings once in its life. To avoid the risk of stings, trust the bee extermination specialists who will do this safely or call a beekeeper for removal.

Our eco-friendly bee extermination methods

Our bee extermination expert’s first goal is to protect the bees. The widespread use of pesticides, particularly in agriculture, is harming bee populations around the world. Since it plays a key role in the ecosystem, it’s important to have an integrated eco-friendly bee extermination approach, without killing, to prevent invasions without harming this insect. Among other reasons, that’s why, at ExterminaPro, we favour the most eco-friendly bee extermination methods. Did you know that we only use traditional pesticides as a last resort in our treatments? Ask our bee extermination specialists about beehive removal. Remember, it will be best to contact a beekeeper if you wish to move honeycombs.

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