Pantry Pests Control

Besides causing significant financial losses, pantry bug infestations pose risks to your health. That’s why it’s so important to identify the invasive species with confidence and to apply the optimal treatment for the situation. Our pantry bug specialists have the expertise to intervene with high efficiency and in compliance with the applicable standards. Results guaranteed!

Get rid of pantry bugs effectively

In Quebec, there are many insects that can attack the food stored in your pantry, commercial warehouse, or processing facility. Our pantry bugs experts are trained and qualified to identify the species that are bothering you and to deploy the most suitable methods for eliminating it from your environment. Here are some of the pests with which we can intervene:

Whether your space is invaded by the brown-banded cockroach, the German cockroach, or the American cockroach, we can help you eliminate it for good.
As its name suggests, this pantry bug primarily attacks rice, but also grains such as barley, wheat, and processed cereals.
Particularly undesirable, the grain beetle is a source of contamination, since it soils all the food with which it comes into contact.
It’s best to contact an exterminator at the first signs of a larder beetle infestation because its presence may indicate another, more serious type of problem.
Besides enjoying the contents of cigars, this pantry bug feeds on a wide variety of products.
By ravaging the grain reserves that it finds, this pantry moth makes them unfit for consumption.
Brown and red flour beetles primarily infest flour. Because the flour beetle is one of the pantry bugs that proliferates the most, it’s essential to eliminate it quickly.
The warehouse beetle takes shelter in food warehouses, factories, processing establishments, and many other places. Our team is trained to intervene effectively with this harmful pantry bug.
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