Grey Squirrel Control & Removal

Whether they are grey or black, they are the same species: they are called grey squirrels. They are easily identifiable by their fur and their bushy, curved tails. They are very numerous in Quebec, especially in wooded areas. They find shelter and food thanks to trees. Although they seem harmless, they can create a lot of trouble for some homeowners. In the most serious cases, they gnaw on the electrical wiring in your home or car. How do you get rid of the grey squirrels that are bothering you?

Detecting the presence of grey squirrels

If you don’t notice them simply walking from one tree to the next, several other clues may reveal the presence of squirrels in your area. You may notice a large number of husks and shells from acorns and nuts littering the ground, for example. In the winter, you may notice holes in the snow—a sign that a squirrel has recovered food buried in the ground. Their footprints are easily recognizable in the winter: they resemble two parallel exclamation points. You may also notice their cry, which is actually a rapid chattering of their teeth. To find out how to get rid of grey squirrels, the best option remains to contact a grey squirrel control company, who will relocate the populations. By the way, we do grey squirrel control, and we are really good at it! So, call us!

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Avoid damage with grey squirrel control

Several inconveniences may drive you to seek out how to get rid of grey squirrels. These rodents love bird food and climb up to bird feeders to feed. Their repeated presence on them may cause damage, you may prevent it with a good grey squirrel control. Always looking for food, they sneak around in flowerbeds and gardens to recover seeds, bulbs, or fruit. They may enter attics or sheds to build their nests there, protected from the elements and the cold. If they enter a house, they attack the structures by gnawing on them. Like other rodents, they will nibble electrical wires, which can start a fire. At this point, you have to call a grey squirrel control specialist to prevent any danger and stop the problem.

Cruelty-free grey squirrel control methods

If you detect the presence of this harmful rodent in your home, you’ll need a grey squirrel control pro to relocate the grey squirrel to a more suitable environment for its species. The professionals from ExterminaPro know how to get rid of grey squirrels without hurting them. Contact our grey squirrel control department without delay!

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