Confused Flour Beetles Control & Treatments

The flour beetle belongs to the Coleoptera order. In Quebec, two species are most commonly found: the red flour beetle and the brown flour beetle. To eradicate this pest from your bakery, restaurant, silo, or residential pantry, the pest control experts from ExterminaPro act fast.

Recognizing the red flour beetle

As its name suggests, this pantry bug feeds mainly on flour. The red flour beetle may also feed on beans and peas, nuts, spices, chocolate, and pharmaceuticals. It measures between 3 and 4 mm and is brown or reddish in colour. The female lays between 200 and 700 eggs in food, which then turn into worm-like larvae with yellow stripes. Among the insects that infest stored food, the brown flour beetle is the one whose populations increase the fastest.

Tribolium de la farine Extermination - Flour Beetle Control & Treatments

Prevent the proliferation of flour beetles

At home or at your business, a few simple measures can reduce the risk of seeing food spoiled by the presence of flour beetles.

An approach tailored to each line of business

Thanks to the precision of their knowledge, the specialists at ExterminaPro support clients from all sectors: restaurant, food, agriculture, industrial, residential, and many more. Well aware of the strictest standards in effect in the industry, our team advises you to prepare you for your audits and to ensure that pest control is no longer a concern for your business. To get rid of flour beetles and other harmful pests, call on our experts: you’re guaranteed to get help within 24 hours!
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