Indian Meal Moth Control & Treatments

Also known as the Mediterranean flour moth, the Indian meal moth can become a real scourge for restaurant owners, bakers, and owners of food stores. This pantry moth attacks grain reserves and makes them unfit for consumption. Do you have an Indian meal moth invasion problem? Contact the team of professional exterminators from ExterminaPro.

Recognizing the Indian meal moth

Present across Canada, this Indian meal moth, which can reach about a dozen millimeters, finds shelter in warehouses, food stores, restaurants, and residential environments. It can be identified by its bicoloured wings: grey on the back and tinged with reddish-brown on the ends. The presence of Indian meal moths can also be guessed from the strands of silk that they leave in places where dried food is stored. This insect has the ability to chew through food packaging, which can give you another clue that your kitchen is infested.

Pyrale indienne Exterminateur - Indian meal moth exterminator

Prevent the presence of Indian meal moths

If you suspect the presence of Indian meal moths, throwing away the infested food and relying on a qualified exterminator to get rid of them effectively is recommended. Take these few preventive measures to avoid having to deal with an infestation.

A safe and eco-friendly approach

At ExterminaPro, we know how important it is to move about in an environment free from pathogens and pests. When insects attack food reserves, this is often synonymous with food poisoning issues and other health risks for humans. And that’s not to mention the financial losses that infestations cause for merchants. That’s why we do everything in our power to eradicate the presence of insects around dry food in a safe and eco-friendly way. In commercial and industrial environments, with our support, you’ll have peace of mind when facing your audit.

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