Tobacco Beetle Treatment

As its name suggests, the tobacco beetle attacks tobacco products such as cigars as well as the food reserves in your cupboards. To effectively get rid of this harmful little insect, contact the ExterminaPro team. A fast tobacco beetle control intervention guaranteed!

Recognizing the tobacco beetle

Oval-shaped, the adult of this species in the Coleoptera order measures between 1.5 and 3 mm and sports colours that fluctuate between brown and red. For its part, the larva is completely white. The tobacco beetle can be distinguished from the drugstore beetle by its serrated antenna and smooth wing covers. Not resistant to Quebec winters, this insect prefers to find shelter in the kitchens of homes, where it can feed and survive. As tobacco beetle larvae can’t tolerate light, they remain hidden in food, where they can go unnoticed. Contact a tobacco beetle exterminator to stop the invasion!

Lasioderme du tabac exterminateur - Tobacco beetle exterminator

Getting rid of the tobacco beetle

You should know that this insect poses a risk to your health. With its droppings, it contaminates the food with which it comes into contact. The contaminated food can cause food poisoning and other health risks in humans. As the tobacco beetle adopts a rich and varied diet—flour, pasta, nuts, spices and pepper, fruits, etc.—the damage to your pantry can be considerable. Don’t wait to call on pest control professionals to solve your tobacco beetle problem.

Guaranteed tobacco beetle extermination

The effectiveness of our tobacco beetle control techniques instills us with such confidence that we don’t hesitate to offer our clients a guarantee that’s unmatched on the market. Whether it’s in the commercial, residential, or industrial sector, all our services are 100% guaranteed! What does this mean, specifically? It means that ExterminaPro guarantees the elimination of any existing pest infestation, or you will be completely refunded. Don’t let insects like the tobacco beetle and other pests that ruin your food reserves bother you any longer!

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