Millipede Extermination

What we usually call centipedes are actually millipedes. They live in dark, damp places. Outside, they will usually be found under decomposing wood, logs, and stones. However, they can enter your home and roam around in your kitchen or bathroom, and possibly start a millipede infestation. If you’re afraid of these creatures, even though they are harmless, you should know that a professional can get rid of a millipede infestation.

Recognizing and identifying a millipede infestation

Measuring 2 to 3 cm with a long, cylindrical body made up of 11 to 100 segments, it’s reddish-brown in colour. However, it’s the millipede’s large number of legs that attracts our attention. It actually does have a lot of them, but usually fewer than 200. Millipedes are easily recognizable. They are found mainly in wet environments, such as soil and vegetation, but they can also be spotted in kitchens and bathrooms. They are all good spots for a millipede infestation. You can suspect their presence if you find traces of skin after moulting. They also emit foul-smelling secretions.

Exterminateur millipède - Millipede infestation exterminator

Preventing a millipede infestation

If you find a millipede infestation in your house, it’s a safe bet that you’re looking for how to get rid of it. Millipedes seek out decomposing plants and moisture. The first step is therefore to ensure the absence of these plants near your home. An accumulation of old logs or construction wood behind a shed is a perfect example of a paradise for millipedes. To prevent a millipede infestation into the house, make sure to keep the humidity level below 50%. Seal the cracks in the walls and check that your basement windows close tightly. Take the time to apply these few preventive methods before the problem becomes a millipede infestation and requires extermination.

A fast and qualified intervention

If the presence of a millipede infestation inside your home or commercial establishment is inconveniencing you, contact a qualified exterminator from ExterminaPro. They know how to get rid of millipedes. A fast and 100%-guaranteed intervention. Within 24 hours of your service call, a technician will contact you to eliminate these pests for good.

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