Muskrat control and relocation

The muskrat is a harmful rodent that’s considered an invasive species since it causes significant damage and reproduces very quickly. The muskrat is actually a large field mouse that lives in aquatic environments. It’s also very well suited to life on land, although its burrow is usually accessible underwater. Including its flat tail, it’s 50 to 61 cm long. It’s plump and weighs 1 kg on average. Its thick, waterproof fur allows it to swim under ice in the winter. A capable swimmer, its hind legs nevertheless aren’t webbed like those of the beaver. Do not worry! Our muskrat control experts use animal-friendly methods to help you out.

Detecting the presence of muskrats

This rodent can dig its burrow in any type of terrain, but it’s always found near a wet environment: swamps, wetlands, rivers, and in agricultural fields near drainage ponds. When you see a pile of cattails or dead branches along a shoreline, this is often a muskrat’s hut. Its presence on wet or snowy ground leaves footprints that look like little hands. The trace of its tail dragging on the ground makes it possible to confirm the muskrat’s presence. To find out how to get rid of a muskrat that’s far from its natural environment, our muskrat control service is the best solution.

Comment se débarrasser des rats musqués - Muskrat control

The damage caused & muskrat control

In agricultural environments, the muskrat obstructs agricultural drains, which impedes regular water flow. It also gnaws on plastic drainage pipes, trying to penetrate them. Even if the drain is sealed by a grate, this doesn’t prevent the muskrat from damaging it. It feeds on corn, soybeans, and clover and damages crops. Because this animal considerably weakens the shoreline when it digs its burrow there, you should intervene quickly, with a muskrat control expert, to find out how to get rid of them. Large populations can lead to erosion or even the collapse of the shoreline. Don’t forget, then the damage caused by muskrats can be avoided with a plan from muskrat control experts.

Animal-friendly muskrat control & relocation

Since muskrats carry diseases and cause significant damage, you should act fast. If you want to find out about muskrat control, contact our team of professionals who will help you keep this rodent away safely!
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