Pest Management Elsewhere in Quebec

Whether for agricultural, commercial, or industrial needs, our team of experts is fully equipped to travel and intervene efficiently wherever required. With our flexibility and in-depth expertise, we can meet the unique challenges of each client.

Commercial Pest Control

We cover the entire Quebec territory, providing eco-friendly pest control services tailored to the needs of each region.

Quebec's #1 exterminator

ExterminaPro handles pest control that impacts your operations. Our top priorities are the health of your workers and the safety of your work environment. Learn how our industrial extermination services can protect your workspace and products.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Certified Technicians
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Unbeatable Quality/Price Ratio

Your Trusted Partner

ExterminaPro manages pest control affecting your operations, prioritizing the health of your workers and the safety of your work environment.

On-Demand Extermination

Our commercial extermination services are tailored to various sectors with a discrete approach, flexibility, effective sanitation, and training programs for your employees.

Elite Program for the Food Industry

Our Elite program exceeds strict food standards, targeting a pest-free environment while reducing pesticide use, in line with HACCP, AIB, and GFSI requirements.

Our services

Each service is designed to provide a durable and effective solution, allowing clients to restore a healthy and secure environment. Whether it’s ants, rodents, cockroaches, or bed bugs, our team has the solution. Our services include:

  • Agri-Food
  • Bird Control
  • Commercial
  • Fumigation
  • Industrial
  • Outdoor Treatments
  • Residential
  • Wildlife Relocation
  • And much more!

If pests are present, don’t hesitate to consult ExterminaPro’s expertise. We offer a free consultation to assess your specific needs and provide you with the most suitable eco-friendly extermination solutions in Quebec.

Intervention Process:

  1. Inspection and Accurate Diagnosis: Our team, known for our unbeatable quality-to-price ratio, conducts thorough inspections of the premises to determine the source and severity of the infestation issue.
  2. Professional Treatment: We develop a personalized treatment plan using methods and products tailored to your needs.
  3. Follow-up and Preventive Treatment: After extermination, we provide advice and solutions to prevent future infestations.
  4. Long-term Management and Maintenance Contract: We continuously monitor and maintain your environment to ensure prevention and quick action.

Explore all our services dedicated to businesses and find the solution perfectly suited to your needs. Contact our team of exterminators in Quebec today for a free quote!

Whatever your field of business, ExterminaPro offers commercial, industrial, and agri-food pest control programs that meet the strictest industry standards. Our exterminators can help you now.

Find out how our exterminators can protect your home from major pests throughout the year. Get peace of mind thanks to our eco-friendly treatments and our turnkey protection plan.

The specialists from our Bird Solution division have developed control programs and distribute a range of products to effectively get rid of harmful species. Our approach is eco-friendly and safe for the animals.

We work with the fewest possible pesticides, and only when necessary. The health of your family and your pets remains our exterminators’ priority!

Bed bug, carpenter ant and cockroach extermination

Get rid of these pests and other harmful insects for good. Our exterminators effectively eliminate a wide variety of common pests in Quebec. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

ExterminaPro is an industry leader with regard to fumigation techniques. Our exterminators have state-of-the-art mobile heat treatment units of unparalleled power.


Sylvain Garon
Sylvain Garon
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Professional and courteous service. Guillaume is very punctual and provides impeccable service for our duplex mouse problem.
Karine Vigneault
Karine Vigneault
Read More
Super service very satisfied louis who serves the St-Émile area i recommend him
Patrick Garand
Patrick Garand
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Fast, professional service
Katherine Dufour
Katherine Dufour
Read More
We were told it would be quick and efficient 😊and it was! Mr. Nantel responded to our requests with every call and bye bye wasps 👋 Thank you! Courteous and professional service! I highly recommend!
Keven Miville
Keven Miville
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We have done business with ExterminaPro several times over the past year. Guillaume Nantel's service was ultra-professional, efficient and fast. Highly recommend!
Pauline M
Pauline M
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Excellent service, professional and efficient! Amélie took the time to answer my questions and gave me good advice on how to deal with the undesirables. I recommend her 100%!
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